10 perks in a small company

It’s been over 5 years since we started. During this time, the journey is filled with many ups and downs. One of the things that people often ask us is: “What are the perks in a small company?”

After hearing it so often, we decided to write about it.

Here are the 10 perks of being in a small company:

10. You have really good friends.
The one thing people don’t expect in a working environment is friendship. Friendship blossoms all the time. It blooms from everywhere especially when you least expect it. A small company is like an enclosure of different people confined with the same(similar) goals. They all share this one thing in common: they are different. Social abnormalities. When you see each other everyday, whether it’s the boss or the tea lady, it becomes a familiar face you get annoyed with or look forward to share/gossip/complain with. Beyond that, you bond in personal ways that are more meaningful and inspiring.

9. You come in anytime you want.
Working in an organization means there is a fixed routine. Routine is good. It helps forms discipline. Yet at the same time, it brings about monotony: wearisome uniformity. Having the freedom to come whenever you want though, that is a true test of passion and determination. What really matters is that you finish what you set out to do and you learn.

8. Coffee breaks.
When you are on the clock in a large MNC, walking to have a cuppa coffee is such a stressful process. True that big companies do encourage changes in the routine and ‘freedom’. But seriously, would you take an hour coffee break during work and talk about something that bugs you (in your personal life) in the office? A small company is made up of like-minded people from all walks of life. It also means that everyone enjoys a cuppa coffee that isn’t work-related all the time. After all, we need to think out of the box.

7. Clients.
A-star brands have it all. Portfolio, resources, people and most importantly the clients. However, being in a small company allows you to have clients that believe in your own capability. Confidence in you as an individual. Trust that your team is the right fit. Gives you opportunities that others might not. So in a small company, we don’t look at clients’ background; we strive on relationships. That, is priceless.

6. Meetings.
Meetings: everyone has it. Sometimes once a week, sometimes more. Our meetings are different. Like a MNC, there is structure. Work flow is discussed and thought through. List of things is delighted to individuals. Timelines are set. The one perk we truly enjoy is: somewhere along all our meetings, we always bond. Sometimes, we feel blood rushing to our heads. Other times, we feel the warm fuzzy feeling. You never know what you are in for; that is the blind excitement.

5. Heaps of work.
Numbers are so important to every business. It determines the success of a company. At the same time, it depicts the amount of work. When working in a desk in a big company brings about power, a small company’s desk brings about mountains of work that never seems to end. The only difference is, those mountains determines our pay check.

4. Personal growth.
Every company encourages and brings about personal growth. Life is a journey. The true test is whether we get to do what we love, and be good enough to feed ourselves. Having the best of both worlds is often a tough choice. Our MD often calls it: choosing between a rock and a hard place. While MNCs bring about stability and security, a small company brings widen horizons. How? You gotta do everything yourself! So, where is the personal growth? That push we give ourselves everyday to start going and knowing our future is in our hands (literally)!

3. Soaring to new heights.
Having a job scope is the most crucial thing in every job. It defines our goals. Sets our expectations. And paints a future. Imagine having a job where the scope changes almost every week? You stick to your main role, but you never know what new skill sets you have to pick up. Constantly reading and doing research. Experimenting and minimizing failure. Soaring to new heights you never thought you could do. Yep. That’s us.

2. Dreams.
We all have dreams. Some dream about being CEO, and others dream about leading an army etc. In a small company, we only dream of one thing: the impossible.

1. Yesterday’s history and tomorrow is our future.
This applies to everyone. Why is it the number 1 perk? All of us made yesterday’s history for the company and we know it. Our future tomorrow depends on us as a team. While we envy the joys of a swanky, big office and many colleagues, the reputable brands, the pride in a MNC, the budgets, the pay checks; we know they envy us for one thing: courage to fail. That to us, makes us a winner.