5 common mistakes we all make (including the boss!)

Being in a small (and young) company, we have learnt how to be closer as a team. And in that process, learn from each other. Funny though, as a company of 7 (core people), we start to see similarities… Mainly mistakes we ALL make (including the boss)!

5 common mistakes:

1. Delaying deadlines
Quite often than not, a day can pass very quickly without us noticing. Work just flows in (good for business, bad for individuals). Everything is always labelled “urgent”. And with that, it gets pushed up the list. Truth be told, for a good number of years, we all had to work late. The deadlines we delayed were not quite often work deadlines, but personal deadlines: such as holidays, time with the family, chilling, etc. A good practice is while you sacrifice for work, you balance time away from it- so you can miss it and appreciate it.

2. Being afraid
People always look at creative people and say: “how confident”. The truth is, as perfectionists, we are ALWAYS afraid. Afraid we are not good enough. Afraid that our work is not the best. Always wanting to put in 299% which isn’t possible because we only have 100%. But most importantly, while we are afraid of letting our customers down, we are most afraid of letting our team, ourselves down. While it helps strives perfection, it hurdles inside of us as a bundle of secret, closet fear.

3. Drawing the line
Every company has a line. Line with the boss. Line with colleagues. Line with clients. Line with work etc. Small companies unlike big companies are different. Firstly, the office space is smaller. Your boss probably uses the same bathroom as you (ours does!). Next, pantry is probably smaller too. Thirdly, your neighbor is also probably right next to your elbow. Lastly, there isn’t really a ‘line’ cos you hang out together way more than you want. S why is this a mistake? Simple. It gets way too CONFUSING. It’s all our brains thinking and processing too much (also sometimes known as ‘too much time’) All we need is, respect and support and viola, no lines will ever be crossed and optimal results achieved.

4. Not taking lunch breaks
Whatever time we come in, and however long we work, as part of a small company, we always feel bad eating outside. Guess what? The work is still going to be there. However late we finish, or start lunch, we should GO for lunch breaks, OUT OF THE OFFICE. A breath of fresh air and food always clears the mind. Yes, we may feel sleepy. But that’s why walking out and back to the office exercises the brains and sends more oxygen. Taking lunch break is scientifically important (if not, common-sense would tell us) to our health. The walk and contemplation of what to eat is not a waste of time. It takes our minds off stuff and clears it. Helping and enabling us to think better or look at a different perspective.

5. Last but not least…. Sleep
Sleep is perhaps one of the most important thing. We have a choice. Work smart or work hard, or work smart and hard but not as hard as just working hard alone. Working smart is not about looking for short cuts. It’s about using the brains, using our resources, our determination and most importantly, creativity. The only way to do that, is ensure that we have at least, 6 hours of good sleep daily. Which, ironically, even boss doesn’t have.

And there you have it, 5 common mistakes we all make. It’s mindset. Having to finish it all. Work can’t really be over? If it is, how are we progressing? The joy in life is not to do nothing, but to enjoy what we do and do it well.