10 Ways You Can Love Your Job 😍

We go to school, study our butts and brains off, and dream of the perfect job. Everyone wants a job that they love, but how often do they actually get one?

Here’s 10 ways you can love your job:

1. Prioritise Creative Freedom
According to the English dictionary, creativity means the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. But, seriously, when was the last time you got the freedom to practice creativity?

More often than not, employers think we want to be told we can do whatever we want, only to have them reject it with their idealisms. They don’t realize how demoralising and what happens in the long term. Finding a job that allows you to imagine and create what you imagine, from the drawing board to realization, provides much more than employers actually pay attention to.

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2. Positive and independent colleagues
We have 24 hours a day, spend 8 hours at work, that’s 50% of our waking hours. Imagine spending time with colleagues you cannot click with? Imagine having to come to work dragging yourself to work with the person next to you? Imagine going for lunch alone?

It takes 2 to tango and no one likes a party popper. Take the first step, be aware and be that positive and independent colleague that everyone will love to talk to!

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3. Snack times

Think about what keeps you awake at work. Caffeine? Redbull? These may be the first options that comes to your mind when you think about a drink. What about snacks?

Keep your pantry filled and jaw moving – having frequent snack times in the office keeps you awake! Snacking can be beneficial in some cases, for example, by preventing hunger in people who tend to overeat when going too long without food. However, some may prefer eating fewer or lighter meals per day. In the end, it’s really a personal choice.

For us, we keep our pantry fully stocked and loaded!

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4. Cosy office

Having a cosy work environment gives employees a space to call their own and gives them a sense of belonging. Decorate and arrange your own workspace to make your work station as conducive as possible. Use your own character-themed coasters or stick your favourite motivational quotes on your table where you can see them.

After all, you spend 8 hours a day in your office and it will be like your second home!

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5. Funky Daily Office Playlist

Nothing beats belting out the latest hits with your colleagues over a song you guys love (or to Bohemian Rhapsody, whatever floats your boat). Music has been scientifically proven to affect an individual’s mood, and can definitely make a BIG difference in your workday.

Ideally, create an office playlist, one that that is made out of songs that you already know. If you prefer non-lyrical music, go ahead, add those lyric-free songs into your playlist. If you love songs with more bass and pump, go ahead and pump up your mood!

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6. Humour

Put your social skills to use! Laughing together helps people to feel better and more positive.

Laughing has been linked with both short and long term health benefits. It can also increase your ability to cope with difficult situations or break the ice to prevent a potential conflict. In the office setting, humour helps you to break the ice with your colleagues and a workplace which feels fun and friendly to be in is one that will encourage happy employees and good interpersonal relations.

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7. Job Satisfaction

Some people start feeling the Monday blues while others, not so much. It seems as though some are enjoying the process more than others. The key to that is to be engaged in your work, as this is achievable when you are focused and feel productive.

If you do not feel engaged, it may be due to the feeling that you are not utilizing your skills and abilities to your fullest potential. Sure, you may be better suited for some jobs more than others but by engaging fully in work and recognizing how your individual strengths positively impact others, you can bring meaning and purpose to any role.

One way to find meaning in the work you do, even if it isn’t your dream job, is to have a clear understanding of the correlation between your work and the company’s goals. Being aware of how your job is directly supporting a larger outcome could encourage you to stay engaged and remain motivated, thus giving you the job satisfaction that you need.

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Part of the process of going to work means dressing up everyday! First impressions count and in an office setting, depending on what outfit is acceptable, always dress to impress. Always remember to dress appropriate to your office environment and find out what kinds of outfit is acceptable and what is not.

Having problems deciding if an outfit is appropriate? Check with your colleagues and we’re sure most of them will be happy to let you know if your attire is on-fleek.

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9. Multiple Lunch time options
Can’t decide what to eat? How about that new place around the corner, or the new stall at the coffeeshop? Heading out with your colleagues for lunch means you guys can order more food and try more stuff! Otherwise, with all the food options on our food apps nowadays, you can share your order and just split the cost of delivery. 

Thankfully for Fyreflyz, our office is situated where lots of good food are within walking distance, including Food Centres and Food Courts. That way, everyone still enjoys a good bonding session over lunch and we all get to choose what to eat!

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10. You are in charge of your own career progression
You are in charge of your own future. No one likes a freeloader. Being able to communicate with the leader of the team is crucial and taking charge of your own perspectives while keeping an open mind to suggestions encourages self growth and builds social skills.

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There is no perfect job until you set your mindset right. Like the saying goes- “the power of happiness is from within”. Needless to say, there are many other ways you can love your job, but here are our favourite 10 ways.

The thing that we find the most important is to have a positive mindset and smile and laugh more at work! Bring your heart, mind and soul and watch the passion ignite. The more engaged you are, the happier and more enthusiastic you’ll be. This won’t just trickle down to the quality of your work; people will want to have you on their team. Plus: no one enjoys working with toxic and conniving co-workers. 😏