#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Amirah and Arfa)

In this edition of #HumansOfFyreflyz, we get our first batch of Events Management Interns from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)!


Amirah and Arfa are in the same class and they both love bullet journaling, are fashion enthusiasts and love watching Korean dramas during their lunch breaks.

Left: Amirah, Right: Arfa

Let’s delve into the world of Amirah and Arfa, both of whom have been with us for 9 weeks!

What was your first impression of Fyreflyz when you first joined us and how has it changed after working here? Tell us how it is like being a Fyreflyz Intern!

Amirah: Being on my first internship opened my eyes to what was out there besides the school environment. I saw how my colleagues worked as a team to meet the deadlines of projects that they have on-hand and this was something that is different from a school environment.

Being a Fyreflyz Intern, I was able to apply skills that I have learnt in school, into work. This includes lots of pre-event, back-end stuff which I have school experience in, therefore helping me in completing my tasks at work. Of course, learning along the way in a work environment is different, so whenever I get stuck in a task, there will be times where I will ask for help.

Arfa: At first, I thought work life and events outside of school would be difficult, so I was quite worried as to how my new work environment would be like. After 9 weeks of being a Fyreflyz Intern, I think it’s pretty cool to actually experience planning and executing events first-hand as it cannot compare to doing small-scale events in school.

Being an intern has also shown me how a small company works on a daily basis and how the events are run by an actual company, compared to what we only heard about in school. Additionally, my time as a Fyreflyz Intern has helped me identify what I should improve on, besides just learning new things almost everyday. It was interesting for me to get to pick up some new skills!

my time as a Fyreflyz Intern has helped me identify what I should improve on, besides just learning new things almost everyday

Being our first batch of interns with an Events Management background, tell us what your favourite experience or memory has been so far!

Amirah: The stereotypical view of an Events Management student is that we ‘only organise events’ but that is not the case, as there are many factors to consider before proceeding to organise an event – planning, risk management, budgeting and marketing. I like that my time as a Fyreflyz Intern has me actually considering those factors. Another favourite memory of mine would be the nights that we spent as a team packing up logistics materials and setting up overnight for the events!

Arfa: A memory that I wouldn’t forget would be realising how time is precious here. I didn’t really disregard it when I was studying in school, but it sure was an eye-opener when I was on-site for events. I learnt the importance of time-sensitivity when we were executing an event and I loved the adrenaline. Personally, being an events student is pretty hard sometimes, but to be part of an actual event gave me assurance of my career path. I’m pretty sure I want to do this in the long run!

Left: Amirah, Right: Arfa

What is an ideal day at work for you?

Amirah: An ideal day at work for me is probably coming in the office at 10am with my teh-peng and a slice of bread for breakfast to kickstart the morning. Many would either agree or disagree on this based on personal preference but the more work I’m tasked to do on that day, the more interesting work life is for me. There are many learning points if I have tasks to do rather than coming in to work and doing nothing. Bonus point: sitting in the office doing what you love while it’s raining outside!

There are many learning points if I have tasks to do rather than coming in to work and doing nothing.

Arfa: An ideal day for me would be being able to do my tasks without a rushed deadline. As my experiences tell me I’m not ready for the fast-paced work-life yet, I’m more comfortable doing my work at my own pace. Doing my work while listening to the music I enjoy playing in the background.. it feels so good! To top it all off, I need to have my ice milo next to me! 

What is the best perk that you have had at Fyreflyz?

Amirah: The best perk that I have here at Fyreflyz is the fact that our office is located right in the middle of convenient eating places such as Goldenmile Food Centre which is about 10 minutes walk away. Not forgetting everyone’s favourite – BUBBLE TEA!!! Grab your sugar rush just 5 minutes away at Haji Lane!

Arfa: The best perk that I have is the food around the office. Though some may be pricey, I’m spoiled for choices everyday! It so amazing to have different foods at one place, it always gives me a headache trying to pick a place for lunch.  The best part is that it is located near Masjid Sultan and my dad is a regular not just to the Masjid, but the area as well! I’m happy to get food and spend time with him on most Fridays.

What do you rate your internship and would you recommend this to your friends?

A+A: We would give this internship a rating of 8/10 because we had an enjoyable learning experience. It is also because we know that there are many things to learn through each task that was assigned. Thus, we would recommend this to people who are able to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment (at times). We also recommend people who are ready for new knowledge/learning points everyday!