#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Fenghui)

Nope, we did not forget about our Humans of Fyreflyz posts!
Today we will be featuring Fenghui, our fairy godmother:


1.Tell us more about your work journey. (your past jobs to where you are now)
My first job was in an IT company, which was my internship company. I was exposed to all kind of roles from customer service, administrative role to programming. This gave me a wide knowledge of the different roles and practical experience in a company.

In my early 20s, without nothing much to lose, I hopped onto Fyreflyz journey, believing and sharing the same dream as Lovelynne. It took a lot of hard work, sacrifices and perseverance to keep up to the market’s needs, thus I have to constantly improve myself as I believe that one’s learning journey never ends.

Through the years, there were ups and downs. When we have project deadlines to meet, there were days that we worked for more than 12 hours per day. (It is either that we are all workaholics OR we love our job so much that we don’t even notice that the time has passed.) Sure enough, we know how to enjoy ourselves too, as we go for overseas retreat to rejuvenate ourselves. Over the years, I have learned how to work in a team of many people (including interns) from different backgrounds and nationalities. This experience has exposed me to witnessing different types of people from different walks of life.


2. From what we know, currently you are also studying part-time too. What is the toughest part about balancing work and studies?
The toughest part is to prioritize – decide what is more important at the point of time. Time management is also very important to balance work and studies as well as the time spent with my family. Sometimes, I will need to sacrifice my family time to study during weekend. Sometimes, I need to sacrifice my work to study for exam.

I am very lucky that my boss and fellow colleagues have been very supportive as they helped to cover my work when I needed to prepare for my examinations. I’m very grateful for their help through the years.


3. What does it take to work in Fyreflyz?
A positive mindset is the key to work in Fyreflyz.

With a positive attitude, anything can be possible.”

One should possess the never give up and never say die attitude.


4. (Bonus) What is something you cannot live without? Why?
Nowadays, most people will say that they cannot live without their phone.But for me, I cannot live without my family. I believe that family is the only one that can give you warmth, support and be by your side no matter what happens to you. Without them, life will be boring and meaningless.