#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Julius)

Missed us? We’re back!

With our first intern of the year Julius as our latest feature of #HumansOfFyreflyz!

Curious to hear what he thinks?

  1. Tell us how you landed your internship with Fyreflyz?

I was assigned by my internship department called MPIS and initially I was supposed to go to another company however, there was a change in the placement and I was put into Fyreflyz the following week.

Funny story, I did a search online and  misspelled Fyreflyz because of its unique spelling and instead, a malaysian company showed up. So for quite awhile, I thought I was going to be interning in malaysia. In my mind, I was just wondering about the duration of the journey from Singapore to Malaysia that I would have to put up with everyday.


  1.  What was your first impression of Fyreflyz when you first came and how has it changed after working here?

I thought the office was cozy and homely. I Didn’t know that u guys actually leave your shoes outside. It’s like working in comfort of your own home. I thought that the people here were going to be intimidating.

Turns out, everyone here is really close and that was proved during the  company retreat. It was a bit awkward when I was invited to join the Fyreflyz company retreat because I had only been there for 2 days. And i haven’t met the other people in the other room of the office yet. It was really fun and I had a great time bonding.


  1. What is your ideal dream job?

My ideal dream job would be a food taster. I don’t think that anyone will not want to be a food taster because I get to enjoy things first hand. I love food! Which brings me to tell any future interns…Eat the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken! It’s the best. And also, remember to always BCC your Emails, prepare your playlist, say “Hello” to the the Hippo Tours and most importantly, Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if its “ What time is lunch?”


  1. What do you like most during your internship?

I would have to say that the people in Fyreflyz are very likable and easy to get along with. They are not just my colleagues but also my close friends now.

Not to mention, the fact that there is a lot of food to choose from in this area makes me look forward to lunch everyday.
Apart from that, Fyreflyz allows me to learn beyond what I have done in school and to continually practice/ sharpen those skills.


That’s all we for this issue of HumansOfFyreflyz!

Catch us next time!