#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Ulfah)

Here we have Ulfah Alkaff, the bubble-tea lover (or just food in general, actually), and our first Admin and Human Resource Intern from Institute of Technical Education (ITE)!

When Ulfah isn’t roaming around Kampong Gelam and excitedly telling us what new and cool things are popping up in the area, she is busy visiting the new shops herself and bringing some back for the Team.

With a good music ear from the 90s, Ulfah also enjoys being the office DJ!

Having completed her 10-week internship with us, read on to find out more about her thoughts and experiences with us.

We heard that the only question you asked during the interview was about the food places around the office. So, after 10 weeks, have you discovered any hidden gems?

In my defence, it was my first job interview and I was really nervous!! I only ever ate the lunchbox my mom made for me in the first few weeks, but I stopped doing that so that I can get to try out the food around Fyreflyz such as Tipo and The Ramen Stall.

The food that got to me the most was Soulfood’s Chicken Cutlet Nasi Lemak, a truly remarkable dish with a lot of flavours, textures and even aroma. The only Nasi Lemak in Singapore that I’ve been committed to tbh* (besides my mom’s!).

I simply can’t go a week without eating it at least once!!

Editor’s note: They really do get it at least once a week. Usually twice a week. 

*tbh – short for “To Be Honest”

What was your first impression of Fyreflyz and how has it changed?

Just like everyone else, I stalked Fyreflyz’s Instagram before applying for an internship. I was impressed by their vibrant office. Looking at Fyreflyz’s Instagram highlights, I had the impression that it is an energetic, lively yet laid back company. My impression of it being energetic and lively still applies; shout-out to Corey for always filling the office with her contagious laughter!

Work-wise, being a marketing company with many clients at hand, I feel that it is normal for the team to have a fast-paced working environment. Despite us being busy at times, we still do chill at the balcony during breaks.

Time spent at the office is worth every hustle! 🤩

What is the most memorable experience you had in Fyreflyz?
The most memorable experience for me was being part of the “Day in a Life of Fyreflyz’s Intern” Social Media video post. Never in my internship experience would I ever imagine acting like a youtube vlogger, but there I was, turning dramatically to the camera while flipping my hair. It was a great opportunity to be part of the process with my intern bestie, Natalie!!

I spent half my day buying quality Kampong Gelam food and eating them right after. Running errands for boss doesn’t mean just getting coffee, it also means you get to buy cakes from Julie Bakes or bubble tea along the way~

Share with us your first internship experience! Was it what you expected?

As this was my first “office” job and since I was in both Admin and Human Resource under my internship, I expected the internship to be mainly replying emails, paper shredding and yawns in the office. Although I did two out of three, I have enjoyed every bit of my internship.

I mentioned that I would love to try Social Media Marketing. Therefore, I was given the opportunity to conceptualise content for Fyreflyz’s Instagram Page and it broadened my knowledge for Social Media Marketing. I’m so grateful to Boss for allowing me to join in the discussions for the different types of campaigns we did on Instagram.

My internship experience was a rollercoaster ride, and though I do not enjoy rollercoaster rides, Fyreflyz is an exception. It was not what I expected because it gave me a deeper career clarity on what I would like to do in the future.

What are some things you cannot live without throughout your internship?

Some say that coffee is the right way to start their day, but I feel strongly for bubble tea!!!! Machi Machi has been my go-to bubble tea store while I was interning at Fyreflyz and although I did question my daily spendings (on food, drinks and snacks), I have no regrets drinking it every single time.

Seems unhealthy but what better energy boost than bubble tea (≧◡≦) ♡