It’s Fyreflyz’s 10th Anniversary!

Fyreflyz is finally 10!

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, here is a tribute to the people that helped shape Fyreflyz:

What a decade.

We’ve come a long way from starting out with a super small team of three. Today, with the hard work of different teams, individuals, and 350 clients later, the Team stands tall and proud to be part of Fyreflyz.

We recognise the efforts and contributions of each and every Fyreflyz Bug, and would like to thank them for their hard work, for they have shaped us in one way or another.

Of course, as cheesy as it sounds, without the determination, persistence and commitment of our Queen B, Fyreflyz would not have been where we are today. 

#YesItsBNotBee #BForBoss #BForBug #OGreatLeader #BossFromHell #JustKidding #OrAmIReally 

“Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” 

And quit she never will. Lovelynne is one of the strongest, most determined woman we know who is not just a boss from hell (not so much anymore, hahaha) but a generous, thoughtful and most loving boss. 

Here is a glimpse in the life of a Fyreflyz Bug with the Queen B:

1. Working long hours

Sure, sometimes we work long hours to get our work done; she orders takeout for us.

2. Feeling sluggish? 

Of course, we get sluggish and tired; she makes sure we get the sugar rush we need.

3. Sleepy?
We get chased out of the office – to go home and sleep. “Don’t come back to the office until you’ve had enough rest.” Because,

“100% or nothing at all.”



4. Falling sick?
She gives us a tube of vitamin C each, and throws us out of the office saying “GO HOME!!!” or “Drink it (vitamin C) up now!”

5. This Chinese New Year, we were playing ban luck and losing money to her. She took extra cards on purpose so that she loses, and we get to win our money back to break-even. (Well, also so that she can escape cause nobody lets her leave unless we at least get to break-even.)


Here’s the best part:

6. Teamwork
When your boss gets her hands dirty with you, you know that teamwork makes the dream work!!!

It’s more than family at Fyreflyz, and here is where it all started –

“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we could become something more. So when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could.”

Fyreflyz was made to solve marketing problems that no one else could see.
Fyreflyz was founded to house average people who can do extraordinary things.
Fyreflyz is built for like-minded people who will do what they can to change the world.

10 years of hardwork
10 years of sacrifices
10 years of nerve-wrecking deadlines
10 years of crazy ideas
10 years of laughing to the point of tears
10 years of understanding
10 years of life lessons
10 years of life stories shared
10 years of bond
10 years of love

10 years down, a lifetime more to go. 
Let’s soar and change the world together.

So here’s to celebrating a decade of success, and many more to come. 

*Music credits in video: Katrina Stone – Never Wanna Grow Up (Vlog No Copyright Music)