#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Jade)

Hi EVERYBODY! We’re back with our Humans of Fyreflyz (HOFF) series and also the first HOFF post of 2018!

Many came and left, but in the times we spent together, we’ve had a whale of a time. That’s what matters the most, right?

We focus on the now, but it doesn’t mean that we forget about the past and the people that have journeyed with us earlier.

This time, it’s going to be all about our intern, Jade, who’s been here for close to 2 months! She’s been an important part of us while also contributing to the creative work and culture at Fyreflyz.

She often goes “OPPA! OPPA!” whenever she catches sight of her male Korean idols. Hint: oppa from the movie “Maze Runner”.


If you don’t already know, “Oppa” refers to the older brother in Korean language and is a term used by girls when speaking to guys.

Yup, Jade’s obviously a fan of Korean Pop and Korean culture. But hey, when has liking K-Pop become something to frown upon? Not for us, because we are such open-minded people *wink*.

Jokes aside, Jade’s so much more than what she appears to be on the surface.

She has experienced a lot for her age and the fact that she signed herself up for an internship while on school vacation (she is currently studying in the University of Melbourne) tells us a lot about her as an individual.

In the short two months that Jade has been with us, she has contributed and learned a lot at the same time. Even as an intern, she stayed in the office with the team till 2am to work on pitches.

Well… We’ll let you in on a peek of how Jade has done at Fyreflyz thus far. See it for yourself by reading more below!




1. What is an ideal day at work for you? What are you currently working on?

A day where I’ve had auntie and uncle’s kopi peng from across the street, having all of the minions in the office jamming to the Greatest Showman soundtracks, and getting to sit next to Faustine, hahaha.

I’m currently working on designing and writing some of the social media posts for the upcoming special occasions and/or events in the year, some client collaterals, and other design related tasks for the Fyreflyz team.


2. So.. we heard that the culture or work environment was what you had expected before entering Fyreflyz. You’ve probably already seen the different sides of us, from pulling our hair out (not literally) while rushing deadlines, to laughing hysterically over almost everything and nothing. How would you then describe the Fyreflyz team? Quick, spill the beans.

Previously, I worked at a much bigger company with a more corporate culture, so I was looking for something that was entirely opposite of that. Then, I was referred to Fyreflyz. I think the Fyreflyz team is like a group of hardworking people who love having fun while working (during appropriate times of course).

Each of the team members has their own unique, distinctive individual personality. You’d think because of that they’d end up fighting a lot… uh, well they kind of do, hahaha, but more to play fighting. They all work well together.


3. You had the opportunity to be part of the pitching process with the team for two pitches and I’m sure you learned a lot. Could you share more about your role in them and how the experience was like?

For both pitches, I assisted the team in the designing aspect and coming up with the relevant taglines. Working on a pitch was a completely new experience for me, so it was pretty daunting at first since I didn’t know what to expect. It demanded a lot of creative brainstorming and execution, which I have never done professionally. But since we set our minds to it and ended up working till 2am, I just immersed myself completely in the project, learned along the way and enjoyed working with the team. Those couple of nights were crazy but I enjoyed it so much!


I think I’ve gained more confidence in myself while working at Fyreflyz as I used to have the fear of asking stupid questions.


4. In life, we don’t always get what we want. What is one thing that you would love to have but can’t have?

A corgi or two, or eight hundred, hahaha! I think by now, the Fyreflyz team knows how head over heels I am in love with corgis. But in all seriousness, I guess I’d like to have more time with my friends and family since it’s really hard to plan a meet up nowadays when everyone’s busy with their own lives.


5. What’s the one most valuable thing that you’ve learned here in Fyreflyz and not anywhere else?

To enjoy what I’m working on and being more confident in myself and my creative work. I think I’ve gained more confidence in myself while working at Fyreflyz as I used to have the fear of asking stupid questions. But after being here, I think I’ve grown less scared of making mistakes and instead to learn from them!


Jade still has 1 year left before she completes her studies at the University of Melbourne. We wish you all the best, Jade! 🙂