#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Boss) – Part ONE

COVID-19 has brought us closer to realize that it’s the people who make Fyreflyz. And we decided… who better to feature than the woman who started it all?
Ever had questions on how Fyreflyz came about and the brain behind it all? 
For the first time ever, we present to you the Boss Edition of #HumansOfFyreflyz!
1. Why the name Fyreflyz?
A month before I started Fyreflyz, my family and I visited the Fireflies Forest in Desaru. Watching hundreds and maybe thousands of these magnificent fireflies lit up the entire forest inspired me that Fyreflyz should be made up of many individuals, glowing together and shining the path creatively while solving marketing problems.
Small, but we shine bright and brightest together.
Small, but we shine bright and brightest together.
2. Why did you choose to start Fyreflyz?
I started Fyreflyz to give everyone an opportunity at marketing. Fyreflyz serves as a platform for individuals to work with experienced individuals such as clients and the team to solve impossible problems – achieving the possible and have fun while doing it.
3. What do you do in Fyreflyz?
Everything. My role depends, but I mainly handle the creative and strategic portions with an amazing team. 
4. What difficulties or most difficult issue did you face when starting Fyreflyz?
There were 3 things that were the hardest for me:
1. Knowing when to stop giving someone chances and accepting that they should move on. I always believe in nurturing and giving people a shot at different projects and departments – but that process took me a while to fine-tune before I learnt the most diplomatic way to train, evaluate and grow with an individual.
2. Not being able to spend time with my kid when I really want to. However, there is a plus side to this as well; I get to see the amazing progress, growth and creative work that my “kids”  in the office achieve.
3. Convincing clients that while we might be small, we are mightily bright and awesome.
5. What were the difficulties you faced throughout the years? Why do you still continue doing what you do? What motivates you and pushes you on?
Teaching and nurturing new people is always a challenge. It’s always a 2-way street and everyone has expectations. Then, there is the point of investing enough effort and time as well, like having to repeat myself a few times, and sometimes all the time.
I still continue to do it everyday because I love it. I love seeing the results the team produces and enjoying the journey with them. It proves that all people really need is… one chance and some patience.
all people really need is… one chance and some patience.
6. Please share with us what the most challenging thing about being a boss is!
Being a “good” boss. But I’ve learnt, you can’t please everyone especially since we have employed more than 200 people since 2009.
7. What is an ideal day at work for you?
To be honest, I love my job and what I do. Everyday has been mostly ideal other than when I require more patience than I might have for the day.
8. What are some of the most memorable moments in the past years?
I have many! Mostly, working on projects with the team. From inception to creation to execution and seeing our impossible ideas happen.
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