#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Natalie)

With Q3 coming to an end, we introduce our last batch of interns for the year!

Introducing Natalie, a Gen Z intern with a 90s soul and sings along to the songs on the radio.

Currently studying in NUS (National University of Singapore), Nat is now also our Social Media Intern!

Read on to learn more about her and our office culture.

Let us know your thoughts before you applied for an internship with us! How was the interview process for you?
I was soooo nervous because I’m new to the working world and my interview with Fyreflyz was actually my first interview for an office job! I actually went online for tips on “what to wear” and sample internship interview questions”, hahaha.

I remember walking in to the office, in my blazer and jeans, but seeing the interviewee before me wearing shorts got me really worried and extra nervous if I dressed too formal. However, lucky for me, the interview process was really chill. It was almost like I was having a conversation with a friend. Corey was really chill the entire interview, which in turn made me feel so at ease that it didn’t feel like an interview!

What was your first impression of Fyreflyz? How is it different after 1 week?
My first impression of Fyreflyz was that the office has a homely environment, especially since I was allowed to take off my shoes in the office!! (I’m not even allowed to take off my shoes in school and I can do so at work? WHATTT)

Even after a week, I still feel like it’s very homely. My colleagues and the working environment is really cool, other than the fact that it’s super cold.. 🥶 I remember on my second day of internship, everyone else was discussing about a potential project and the way they “discussed” really intrigued me because it wasn’t a typical office meeting you’d see in dramas but a lot more like a couple of friends brainstorming. They were still really, really professional and ideas just flew everywhere, it made me so excited for the coming weeks. I remember immediately texting my friends, “Omg this office has big chaotic energy and I’m living for it” and to date, I still feel everyone has that same chaotic energy which makes the seemingly foreign environment feel way more comfortable!

Editor’s Note: We would like to clarify that when Nat says ‘chaotic’, she means it in a positive way hahahaha. 

… it wasn’t a typical office meeting you’d see in dramas …

What are you currently doing now? What do you hope to be doing more of/learn in the future?
My office moniker is ‘Professional Stalker’ and I’m the Social Media Intern!

Even though I’ve only started my internship 3 weeks ago, I feel that I’ve learnt so much already. It’s been really intriguing to see the theories I’ve learnt in school actually materialise. As I’m pretty interested in social media marketing, I’m excited to learn more practical skills and how to apply them in a big marketing plan.

I also hope to learn more about Social Media analytics tools, dabble in a bit of design, learn how to write effective captions, etc. (Very ambitious I know..) Of course, I really can’t wait to see all the ideas come to life!

It’s been really intriguing to see the theories I’ve learnt in school actually materialise.

What do you hope to learn/improve/takeaway by the end of your internship?
I hope to be able to finally figure out what industry I want to go into and what I want to do in the near future.

As this internship will be able to give me a taste of the working world and the industry I am interested in, hopefully, by the end of my internship, I will be able to see if I am truly passionate for this industry. The working experience will also definitely be the highlight of my internship experience, and I will definitely be using whatever I’ve learnt here in future internships! Not to forget the practical side (LOL), it will definitely add something to my very empty portfolio.

In addition, other than the technical skills that I’ll be learning, I wish to improve on my soft skills like learning how to work in teams. Coming from a JC (Junior Collge), studying has always been very individualistic with very little group work. Even in University now, I rarely have group works and even if I do, it’s rather brief. As working in the creative industry would mean that I’d have to work with my colleagues, different clients and even influencers, I wish to be able to learn how to effectively communicate with others and efficiently work in teams.

By the end of the internship, I also wish to be able to learn how to properly manage my time. Because I’m taking up this internship whilst studying, it definitely gets tough, but this experience will definitely force me to learn to segment and prioritize time wisely!!!