#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Jeremy)

This #HumansOfFyreflyz features Jeremy, who is on an internship with us from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and is coming to an end of his 10-weeks internship.

After warming up to us and breaking the ice, we learn that Jeremy prides himself on his 4.0 GPA score, loves to eat hotpot with his friends, plays pool as a hobby and hits the arcade to speed on Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune!

As a Web Applications student, read on to find out more about what Jeremy does in Fyreflyz, and how he coped with his first ever interview!

Why did you choose to study IT and what do you do here at Fyreflyz?

When I was in Secondary School, I had an opportunity to go for a 1-week IT course. My interest for IT stemmed from the course and later influenced my decision in choosing an IT-related course when I graduated from Secondary School.

Fast forward to 2 years later, I was assigned to Fyreflyz to serve my internship. This is my first official job, and I’m a Digital Marketing Intern here!

Share with us how your first job interview went! What went through your mind? 

Looking back at my internship, during my interview with Fyreflyz, I recall being nervous. Yet, at the same time, excited. It was, afterall, my first official job interview.

I was not confident that it would go well due to me being inexperienced. However, as the interview went along, I regained my confidence and thought I did really quite well. Evidently, because I got the job!


After the interview, I was so excited that I remember rushing to my phone and messaging my friends about my first ever job interview!

What skills did you look forward to acquiring from this internship? Have you achieved them?

I want to build on my expertise in WordPress and general work experience!

During the interview, I recall being told that the company uses a lot of WordPress, so I figured that this internship would be a great opportunity for me to improve on my WordPress skills, and at the same time, gain valuable work experiences!

I hoped to get a glimpse into the in-and-outs, and perhaps understand where my career should head in the future. As my internship has officially ended, I am very happy to say that I have achieved the skills that I initially wanted!

What is the best unforgettable or challenging task that you have had to do in your internship?

Definitely my last project before ending my internship! It was the most challenging task that I ever received!

I was tasked to re-create 4 sites for our company but since it was a very big project we had to go through a lot of revisions throughout the process of it. At the same time, it was because of this project that I realised the importance of communication and teamwork, as it helps me to complete my tasks faster.

Since this was my last project, it was also the most unforgettable one for me!

What is your most memorable moment during your time here?

It would have to be my first ever task, which I was tasked to create a contact form page for our clients. Since this was my first ever project, I was very excited to finally show the skills that I was taught in school!
It was also because of this task that I felt a strong sense of accomplishment when I finished it.

Up to this day, I would also say that this project has been the most memorable moment for me.


Jeremy is now enjoying his break, before school starts in a week!

Good luck, one-more-week Jeremy! (Inside joke 😛)