#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Ryan and Nicodemus)

Never too late to wish everyone a happy 2020!

With our next batch of Events Management Interns from ITE (Institute of Technical Education) internships coming to and end, we sit down to catch up with them.

Read on to find out more!

Tell us more about yourselves. Why did you choose to study Events Management and why did you choose to intern at Fyreflyz? 

N: My interest in events management stemmed from my involvement in school events, small and major. After realising that I enjoyed myself throughout the process of the event planning to execution, I decided to study events management to learn more about the industry. I chose to intern at Fyreflyz because Fyreflyz uses events to aid in their marketing ventures, allowing me to experience what events and marketing in the real world feels like!

R: I gained an interest in events management when I was part of an event planning team in Secondary School. I realised that I enjoyed the thrill and satisfaction that derived from the completion of an event, from the planning to the execution. From then on, I was interested in getting to understand and to learn more about what planning an event really consists of and what it will require of me to be as an events student. I chose to intern at Fyreflyz because I feel that being in an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) allows me to take on more diverse roles and be more exposed to different experiences.

What skills do you want to gain from this experience and have you achieved that? 

N: As an events management student looking to venture into a marketing course in a polytechnic after I graduate, I am hoping to gain a bit of both marketing and communication skills, as well as seeing an event through from the pre-planning stage to post-event. I feel that I have achieved it through tasks assigned to me, and an event that I was involved in during my internship. 

R: I want to gain skills that will be valuable for an events manager, some of which I learnt include being meticulous, detailed and organised. This is because I want to make sure that I am equipped with the necessary skills before joining the workforce as a full-timer. My time in Fyreflyz has given me a clearer view on what is expected of an events manager and what it takes to be in this industry.

What is a typical workday like for you in Fyreflyz? 

N: A typical work day in Fyreflyz consists of updating our tasks and answering or making phone calls to suppliers or vendors, amongst others. Our tasks may vary every few days or everyday, depending on how fast we complete them. They can range from supplier sourcing, venue-related works, admin work, content research and inventory updates. My favourite would be content research, where we brainstorm content together and shortlist them! 

R: A typical workday consists of me snacking and snacking as I head into the daily grind. The constant friendly banter in the office is one of the things I look forward to as it gives me my daily dose of laughter. Besides being socially interactive, I focus on tackling my tasks for the day and time flies when everyone is receptive when I need guidance and also funny!

What is the best unforgettable task that you have had to do in your internship?

N: As this is my first full-time job, every task to me was significant and unforgettable given how raw of an employee I was. One of my first few tasks was R&D and sourcing for materials, which I enjoyed as I had to learn how to phrase emails professionally and got to see how the working world communicated through email. Another task I enjoyed was doing moodboards! I learnt the importance of how a collage of pictures could flow and tell a story. 

R: My best unforgettable task would be that I was given the opportunity to wreck some wooden pallets after we used them at an event. I really enjoyed it because it was something that I never thought I would do during my internship, and I thought it was pretty fun! 

Would you recommend this internship to others?

N: Definitely! The company is big on open communication! Therefore, when encountering certain situations and I need help, I know that there will always be someone ready to offer his or her assistance. Respect everyone and your internship will be smooth as can be! I feel that I have learned quite a bit, both from the event and marketing perspective. At the end of the day, the company just wants you to learn something and get a better picture of what you want in a career. #FACTS! I am able to gain industry insights, how the working world functions, improve on my communication skills, exposure to first-hand experiences and knowledge from my experienced peers. If you’re looking to start your journey at a company that is not too corporate, then I recommend looking into going for an internship at Fyreflyz. 

R: I would recommend this internship to others as this opportunity given to me has provided a wider perspective of how the working world goes. I like that Fyreflyz has provided invaluable exposure experiences for me, which is not what most internships provide.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, Nic and Ryan!