#HumansOfFyreflyz (ft. Hui Ching)

It’s almost the end of 2021 but it feels as if we’re going back to 2020. But hey hey, it will all be fine, we’ll all get by!

Amidst the pandemic situation in Singapore, Fyreflyz still managed to keep doing what we do best, and more. On top of making sure that we serve our clients well, we also ensure that do our part in shaping the next generation in the best way we can, and that is to house interns through our internship program and be part of their out-of-school learning journey. 🤙

Alright, time to get to know more hoooomans!

Hui Ching and Ryan are two of the interns that stuck with us through this trying time, and it’s high time that we get to know these bugs better!

Hui Ching a.k.a the Mahjong Warrior and also the Mando-pop freak in the office, joined Fyreflyz during her internship in ITE (Institute of Technical Education) under Events Management, and has since progressed to further her studies in polytechnic. She is currently in her first year, pursuing a Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communication at Singapore Polytechnic.

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Other than being a great support in the Events arm, Hui Ching is also part of our social media team, doing idea generation and artwork execution.

Soooo Hui Ching, how is it like to be the only girl-intern while doing your internship at Fyreflyz?

Honestly, there isn’t much difference being the only girl-intern at Fyreflyz. Everyone treats each other equally and has the same opportunities! The system here is fair, and everyone is treated the same way!

Are there things that you look forward to during your internship at Fyreflyz? 

Without a doubt, definitely the unlimited access to the pantry food perk! 🤤 Besides getting my snacc fix, there are other things like the entertainment and games available that makes work-breaks more fun. But most importantly, I definitely look forward to working with my colleagues.

When I first joined the company, I expected to immediately start getting down to work. Instead, I was given the first few days dedicated to learning skills and how to apply it accordingly to the tasks that I was given. As a first-time intern working in a legitimate office environment, I appreciate being given opportunities to learn from the start, and not being thrown into the fire right away (Shout-out to my colleagues 😎).

Many of us interns sought to learn and grow while the colleagues were very willing to impart their knowledge. (Big thanks to Corey, Bjorn and Boss! 🤪)

Head over to our Tiktok page and witness her snacc-hoard 🤫

What do you like about Fyreflyz?

The culture! I remember that on my first day of work, I tried to dress in my best office working attire (trying to leave a good first impression🥲). Little did I expect my outfit to make me feel out of place after seeing how everyone in the office was dressed so casually. Then I realised that this was a preview of the company culture. Fyreflyz has a very casual and easy-going kind of culture. So yes, the culture and the team is a favourite. And the opportunities to bounce back from the shortcomings that I made helped me to improve on myself. That’s what I love the most about Fyreflyz. (Feels like I’m entering into another dimension while doing my internship here🌎)

Hui Ching is only one of the many interns that have been given the opportunity to continue her apprenticeship beyond her school internship period and have chosen to stay on. 


Our internship program is always open to those who knock 😉. 

Just send in your resume mate!

HMU hr@fyreflyz.com!

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