#HumansofFyreflyz (ft. Ryan)

Ryan is The Fyreflyz Op-portunist and a hardcore Arsenal fan (although they got knocked out of the UEFA Europa League 🤭🤣). As a Web Applications intern, he was mainly tasked with website creation and maintenance, and was part of the Tech and Marketing Team as well!

What was your first impression of Fyreflyz?

I thought Fyreflyz was very different from other Marketing companies. This impression proved to be true throughout my internship here – this is because I realised that we do things a little different from the other companies!

We usually have lunch and dinners together, which I think most companies don’t, and I feel that this helps us strengthens the bond within the team. This was not a rule, but a habit that was encouraged. When I first entered, I was a bit lost, but my colleagues were helpful and caring, helping me to fit in with the culture.

If given a chance to work in another position within Fyreflyz for a day, which role would you choose?

Given a chance, I would love to try out marketing and design here at Fyreflyz, as I am fascinated by my peers and the work that they do. Marketing sparked an interest in me when I saw Bjorn doing his work. I am at the point in my life where I need to decide what I want to do with my life, and marketing happened! I hope one day, I can do what they (the marketing team) do and maybe be even better!

Share with us what’s the 3 things you look forward to during your internship at Fyreflyz? 

That would be the de-stress tools that are available in the office!

The first two things I enjoy doing to de-stress and calm my thoughts are shooting into the basketball hoops and practicing my pitch at the golf putting mat.  Here in the office, we can get pretty competitive, especially with the TechBois (Matt and James), as we usually hold small competitions among ourselves.

Lastly, it would be the plants in the office. I didn’t really know anything about looking after plants, but after we got them together, it was a different story. Seeing them grow everyday and helping Corey with the repotting made me appreciate them more. Plants are just like us in a way, that if we look after it properly it will bear the fruits of our labour.

… if we look after it properly it will bear the fruits of our labour.

And of course, what makes me look forward to the most coming to work daily is definitely my colleagues, or should I say, friends. They make my time at work fun and are always willing to give me a helping hand when I need it. I couldn’t have imagined working with anyone else besides these bunch.

What is the most memorable experience you had in Fyreflyz?

The most memorable experience I had at Fyreflyz was working with the Boss. I was given the privilege and opportunity to witness her in-action when we were working on a project together. She conceptualises and comes out with the design and she did it all so quickly, I was left in awe. That, for me, was really my most memorable experience in Fyreflyz. Also, not forgetting the late nights and talks I spent with the Fyreflyz team. 

What are some things you cannot live without throughout your internship?

One thing that I can’t live without is probably my notebook. I didn’t really have the habit of writing down notes. However, here at Fyreflyz, instructions are always given out quickly and there’s always something new to learn, so I started making it a point (pun intended) to bring my notebook whenever someone is speaking or giving instructions. It helps me remember things better.

Just like Hui Ching, Ryan was also given the opportunity to extend his apprenticeship after his school internship period. He has since ended his internship and is looking into his polytechnic admission! All the best Ryan!

Our internship program is always open to those who knock 😉. 

Lai! Send in your resume!

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